Thursday, May 27, 2010


Pre-marital counseling, not only is it required (or at least an education course) to get a marriage license in Florida but its also required to get married by a pastor. So basically its a must, no way around it. I was actually kind of excited about this whole counseling ordeal, I mean it can't hurt to have someone give you advice and let you know where in your relationship needs work or places that might cause problems, I want to do it and actually want to get alot out of it. So last night Mr. Coastie and I had our first session. I was nervous when we went in, I won't lie, I mean I had no idea what to expect. After a little meet and greet and basically small talk about who we are and what we do and some future plans the pastor pulls out a test and says okay you're each going to take this and we'll compare next week and see how where there will be issues, this test will really tell us how compatible you are. Our reaction looked a little something like this:
I mean a 60 question test that was going to tell how compatible we are? Kinda scary. so we separated into our own little rooms and took our 60 question test. and now we wait for one week to figure out how well our answers matched, should be interesting. Everything from finances, to marriage expectations, to in-laws, education and children. We've talk alot about most of these things so I guess were not completely going in blind, but still sort of nerve wrecking. Mr. Coastie and I chatted about the answers we put down on the car ride home (which I'm pretty sure your not supposed to do, but oops) Lets just say some of our answers match and some... well they don't. So I guess we find out how truly compatible we are in a week.


  1. We have our first pre-marital counseling this Sunday. I will have to admitt I'm a little nervous as well. We too have discussed amongst each other the basics: children, money, sex etc. I know we aren't going into it blind, but unsure of what all we will be doing and what the Pastor is going to say! I wonder if we will be taking a test as well!!!

  2. We had definitely talked about pretty much everything but there is something about putting our expectations and ideas and feelings on paper to have someone else analyze them that was scary/ is scary. Ill be sure to let you know how it turns out ha ha

  3. Pre-marriage counseling is not required in Florida. Cory and I never had any. We had to pay the $95 instead of $60, but they never told us that it was a requirement!!