Monday, June 28, 2010

a quick update

Hello, Hello. Just wanted to pop in and give a quick update on things. The big move to SoFla to start medical school is one week from today (eek!) all my furniture and everything I own with exception to my matress which is sweetly sitting on the floor in my bedroom at my parent's house and a few suitcases are packed and in the garage. Monday its up to me and Mr. Coastie to load it all into a U-Haul and and head down south. Wedding planning is going to be put on a bit of a hold for about a month ago while i get settled in and get my head on straight.

In other news, mommy bridesmaid and wolverine groomsman welcomed their baby girl into the world this past week. So Congrats to them, she is certainly very precious in all her photos! 

In wedding news this week I'm having a meeting with my ring bearer/jr bridesmaid's mom/faux wedding planner to write out an entire calendar for the next year with precise dates and timelines for everything. you know I love my organization! ha ha its nice to have people around who want to help out especially since at the moment none of my bridesmaids are in tallahassee! she doesnt know it yet but MOH seminole is going to become really good friends with my calendar and my planner ( ha ha I love you!). One of my mothers friends has decided to throw me a "bridal tea" not exactly sure what that is but apparently its a very upper class affair and its going to be on daddy's farm (aka a plantation in GA, apparently this is a southern tradition i know nothing about) and this is already in the works even though it wont be till April. The wedding still seems far away but I know this next year is going to fly by!

This weekend Mr. Coastie and I volunteered to be guinea pigs for a friend of ours Lauren Brown photography . She is getting into photography and does an awesome job at it we offered to let her do a little photoshoot with us.Aside from being a million degrees outside it was super fun and im excited to see all the results! Im a girl who LOVES pictures so I jumped at the chance and the sneak peaks look great! check out her blog and see some of her work (shameless plug for my friend ha ha)!

Friday, June 25, 2010

Be our Guest (and sign our guest book!)

When I think about guestbooks at weddings I think about some cousin of the bride standing there watching the line of people sign their names with a pen that took the bride and groom 2 weeks to pick out. I guess I never really "got" guest books, I mean I already know who is here do I really need your names written down all in one place? apparently so.

Lately there is a trend of doing "alternative guest books" as opposed to the traditional just sign your name ordeal. I must admit these things have really brought me around to this whole guest book thing. As I was doing my perusing on weddingbee I came across Miss Eggplant's alternative guestbook post with these:

These are actually from the you can buy them online to save some time. Naturally I saw these and fell in love, I had this image of Mr. Coastie and I sitting down after the wedding and reading everyone's cards seeing what funny, sweet and inspiring things they wrote to us. It seems way more personal and not to mention more fun than the traditional sign your name book dont ya think?

Obviously I decided not to buy these, its sort of an expense that I can cut by making them myself, after all I know my way around Microsoft word pretty well. So after much fighting with autoformatting and fonts and lines I made a mock up of our cards and here they are:
back ( for some reason this kept uploading sideways and i didnt feel like messing with it so just turn your head)

anywho, I think they turned out pretty well, I'm printing them on cardstock, they will be place on a table with crayons for people to use to fill them out and after the wedding we'll have them bound into a book!

Friday, June 18, 2010

"Every place I go, I'll think of you Every song I sing, I'll sing for you..."

"And when I come back I'll wear your wedding ring"

17 days is all that stands between me and the return of the long distance relationship. In just over two weeks I'll be headed down to South Florida to start Medical School. Mr. Coastie will be staying in NW Florida and our wedding will be staying in Tallahassee. Thus I find myself back in a long distance relationship with my fiance and in a brand new long distance relationship with my wedding.

Have I mentioned that Im sad? cause Im sad. The last five months have been a blessing. With Mr. Coastie only 3 hours away We've been able to see each other every week which is almost like a normal couple and really has been a Godsend. When I move for school we'll head into a (hopefully) once a month routine. This is much better than every six weeks which is how we started our relationship and 7 hours is far better than 20 hours. I know all this. But still I'm very sad.  I know in a couple of years it won't matter and all of our time spent apart is really just part of our relationship and ultimately makes us stronger. We're good at being a long distance couple, we've got it down to an art, heck we're spending the first year of our marriage apart and while many people think that's crazy, it doesn't strike me as insane or stupid, its just how it is, no big deal. One year out of lifetime seems like nothing to me. It's hard being an adult, it's hard dealing with the not so good stuff to get to the good stuff. I look at it this way, I'm a lucky lucky girl, I'm about to start the journey of my academic/professional career that I've wanted since I was five and I'm less than a year away from marrying the man I love more than anything, what more could a girl ask for? Even though there is 600 miles between the two things I want most in the world I'm blessed enough to have them both.  I guess like Coldplay said "nobody said it was easy"

The next couple of weeks weeks will undoubtedly be crazy, busy, and frantic. getting the last bits of things taken care of for my move and putting myself back into a routine i was in 6 months ago is going to be an interesting transition. Throw in this scary thing called medical school and a little wedding planning and you have the making for a chicken with her head cut off. The last few months have been easy and a cake walk and I've got to just enjoy being engaged and enjoy slowly bringing things together and thinking about whats to come, from here on out its go time. I'm excited and scared and nervous (and all kinds of other crazy feelings) about the year to come, I'm ready to tackle the challenges, overcome the obstacles and enjoy every second that I have.

The Veil Project

A while back when I first started think about veil's I decided I was definitely not big on them. Some girls pull them off great, some girls are dieing to have that elegant blusher and cathedral and me, well I sort of think they are a nuisance. I mean you wear them for the ceremony and then you take it off so really whats the point? However I decided based on tradition I wouldn't totally discount the veil as part of my wedding day attire.

Then as I was at the Bridal shop looking for my wedding gown of course with every dress you put on the add a veil so you can get the  "full effect" and I began to come around to the idea a little more. Then I looked at the price tag, 175 bucks for a simple no embellishment veil. I almost choked. really? I mean that seams like quite alot for some tulle right? not exactly a price I factored into my budget. So I started looking around the internet and found tons of tutorials and advice about how easy veils are to make. I figured "hey i can do this" so for a total of $20.16 and about 6 hours of my time I made my own veil.

I knew i wanted something simple and something with lace, just a one tier veil that will go under my hairdo for the ceremony and be removed for the reception, after all I already have a flower for my hair so I don't want to over do it. I took a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics and picked up some bridal white soft tulle (that happened to be on sale for .79c a yard) I only needed about 1 yard for a waist length veil but I got 2 yards just in case. Then I spent an hour and half staring at all the lace and lace trim in the store before I settled one. Then I made sure I had a sewing kit and white thread and some plastic hair combs and I headed off to get to work.

First I laid out the tool and used coffee cups ( worked, well for weights) to cut the tool in half and then in a slight circle shape on the bottom end.

Next I laid out the lace trim and pinned it to the bottom, I ended up deciding I didnt want quite a curve and preferred a straighter edge so I sort of improvised with my pinning. I the hand sewed along the top and bottom edges of the trim Lace onto 3 sides of the tulle, this took forever, i took care to match up the tool and the lace and follow along the lines of the lace with my stitches so that they weren't obvious when you looked at it.

After the bottom and two longer sides of the tulle were decked with lace trim it was time to gather and attach the veil to the hair comb. To make this easy I folded the veil in a fan style making sure the two trimmed edges were facing out and ran a need and thread through it. Then I held the thread and pulled on the tulle so that the top edge gathered evenly and nicely.

Then I simply sewed the top gathere edge to the hair comb and trimmed off the excess, However I didnt like the look of the cut so I used extra lace to wrap around the edge of the hair combso it looks pretty when its in my hair.

And that's that, the veil is complete, I have a few pictures of the final product but they don't really show what the veil actually looks like, aka its much better in person, but you can get the idea.

It took a little longer than expected but the sewing was sort of a tedious daunting task, im happy with the results though and im super excited I decided to make my veil rather than buy it, aside from the monetary gains ( a great way to save a couple hundred bucks) It feels more special cause I made it myself.

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

One of my favorite part of weddings is without a doubt also the cutest part. I love the little ones. The flower girls and ring bearers always steal my heart so naturally I am very excited about having my little attendants awe the crowd with their adorableness. As I mentioned before Mr. Coastie and I have an enormous wedding party (16 of our closest friends) and the little ones compose 1/4 of the party. We've got four of them, two ring bearers, a flower girl and a junior bridesmaid.  Today the lovely readers out in blog world get to meet the little ladies that are going to look so cute they may even show up the bride!

To begin with is our flower girl Ms. Kimberly Rose. Kimmie is my youngest cousin on my mother's side she will be 5 years old next summer at the wedding, She is really one of the cutest children I've ever seen, although I may be biased.
(sorry about the bad picture, its all I could find laying around!)

The other little darling in the wedding is our Junior Bridesmaid, I really wanted to include her and her brother since I have known them since birth and babysat them and have been close with their parents since i was her age. so I asked Little Ms. Sassy to be our Junior Bridesmaid and her brother to be one of the ring bearers. Their mom is also going to be helping me out tremendously in the planning process. She just turned 9 and will be turning ten just before the wedding. 
(lets ignore the terrible picture of myself here, but she is adorable)

So those are 1/2 of the little ones that will be accompanying us down the aisle, we've only got two more members of our gigantic wedding party to introduce! we're almost there folks!

Thursday, June 03, 2010

All My (single) Ladies

okay, so they aren't all single but they are all my ladies.  I'm very excited to introduce my lovely bridesmaids to you! ranging from childhood friends to future family I am truly blessed to have these women in my life and I can't wait for them to stand next to me on the big day.

To start with is Seminole MOH. I couldn't imagine any one else being my maid of honor, She has been the best friend a girl could ask for for the last 5 years. We met when were wee little tikes selling christmas trees  for our brother's boy scout troops and ended up becoming really good friends after being in a bible study together in late high school. She graduated from FSU with a Fashion Merchandising degree and is currently living it Up in Jacksonville,fl. The weekend I met Mr. Coastie I was visiting Seminole MOH and her and her cousin are the reason we met, so I thank her for that and mostly she has been my taxi driver to the airport the millions of times I flew to go see Mr. Coastie. So she has a special place in the history of our relationship.  We are really like the exact same person and she has always been there for me and listened to me laugh and cry. I even had to divorce her (on facebook) when mr.Coastie and I became an item, but she'll always be my wifey :)

Next up is the girl I've been friends with the longest probably of all my friends, Lawyer Bridesmaid. I met her in third grade (eek that was a long time ago!) and we instantly bonded over boys in our class we liked and even got in trouble for passing notes about them (oops). Even though after high school she went off to Duke we remained close and now she is at FSU Law school kicking some butt! I love this girl, thats all there is to it. 

"you don't go to college to meet your husband, you go to meet your bridesmaids" absolutely. Gator bridesmaid is the "college friend" of my group of ladies.  We have a funny history, I met her in Microbiology Lab when she sat on the same bench as me. Me and two other girls always said she had a "love connection" with the kid on the end of the bench, turns out..not so true (ha ha, sorry I had to say it!) the four of us called our selves the "MCB girls" and Im pretty sure everyone in all of our micro classes knew us as the gaggle of girls who sat in the back and laughed about fake romances with professors and funny names of bacteria. From walking with cows and dishing about boys, med school and all other things me and Gator Bridesmaid became very close. Im more than excited to have her up there with me :)

My next two girls are my future family. Im very excited to become a part of Mr. Coastie's family and very excited to get to call these girls my cousins. They are so fun and crack me up every time I get to visit.  Im so excited they agreed to be a part of our wedding! First up is Mommy Bridesmaid. She is about to have an adorable little baby girl due at the end of June and she is Wolverine Groomsman's lovely wife. 

And lastly is Red Wings Bridesmaid, She is Mr. Coastie's cousin and my future cousin. She is pretty much hilarious and makes me laughwhen we're around. I can't say enough how excited I am for these girls to be in the wedding :)

So there you have it! say hello to my lovely bridesmaids. Im really lucky to have all these girl in my life and so incredibly happy they'll be a big part of my wedding.

Stay tuned for the ring bearer/flower girl announcements, after all they are too adorable to miss :)

p.s. For those of you wondering, there will be one more bridesmaid (to make our party even)