Sunday, February 27, 2011

Craft city

The wedding is soo close, its just a little over 3 months away and there is so much to do. I finally decided i need to stop making lists of things i need to do and start doing them. So early this week I took a study break and headed to Michaels for a shopping spree and have been weddig crafting a little bit each night after i finish studying. hers a few of the things Ive come up with so far

Door hanger for our hotel room the night of the wedding. I got this wooden hanger from michaels for just 79 cents:
I painted a base coat of yellow and then used scrap book pieces (also from michaels) to decorate it and this is the result:
 The next project was a flower girl basket. Luckily it is coming up on Easter time so alot of baskets are out and around, I found this yellow basket on sale for $4.00,
It is metal with small pearls and glitter on it, even though I thought it was cute as is, we don't want our adorable little flower girl carrying an easter basket, so I spruced it up with some ribbon around the handle and a few bows
Another thing I've seen in pictures during my wedding website browsing is a banner. I decided to make a "Just married" banner that will hang on the wall behind the sweet heart table. All I needed was some cardstock wich I already had, Paint which I already had and a $1.00 spool of ribbon
 I cut cardstock into rectangles and the triangled the bottom, Then I painted letters free hand on each of the pieces. I took a hole punch and put two holes in the top of each of them and simply threaded the ribbon though!
 And Voila! just married banner is complete (and hanging on my wall for the pictures sake)

 and lastly I wanted to make a wooden sign for the driveway entrance to the wedding. Its sort of a long driveway into the location and I really wanted something to put on the street for the guests to know they are in the right place.   So I bought a wooden arrow for $6.00 and painted it with stencils

This will go on a wooden stake and be placed at the entrance of the wedding venue.

I also had a chance to do some mock ups for centerpieces this weekend and I think I've nailed down what Im going to be doing. A few mason jars, some candles, sunflowers and a little wooden heart are all going to come together to make what I hope are amazing centerpieces. I've decided not to post pictures of the centerpieces because I dont want to ruin it for the guests who are readers :)

I have about a million other projects to get done but I feel very productive so far! theses three months will fly by and I can't wait

Friday, February 11, 2011

We Do!

I had a chance to hit up Michaels a couple of weeks ago and picked up some wooden letters to paint to sit on the cake table

I figured these would look cute laying on the cake table in front of the cake but they needed to be painted

Wednesday, February 09, 2011

"just once i wish you guys would call me on tuxedo night"

The boys went to order tuxedos today, i convinced them to snap a few pictures for my wedding scrapbook. which clearly means im going to post them on here :)
The  Best man
Mr. Coastie <3

with this ring...

Buying our wedding bands has been something both Mr. Coastie and I have been looking forward to for quite sometime. we had planned to buy them around Valentine's day to catch some sales and save a few bucks. So as we started talking about our wedding bands my parents mentioned that they had their original wedding bands from nearly 30 years ago and that we could have them. Since I wanted a white gold band I decided that it would be really neat to take their bands and have them melted down and made into a band for me. As for Cole's band he wanted a tungsten ring based on their durability and look. So we headed off to the jewler and then to the mall to hit up Kay, Zales etc. for Cole's band.  after some price shopping and a long decision process cole ended up with this: 

 and my band is to be seen, its in the process of being made.
  so wedding bands are officially ordered !

Tuesday, February 01, 2011

Give a girl the right shoes and she can conquer the world

Ive been on the search for the perfect wedding shoes for about 6 months now. I knew I wanted yellow. but that,s about all I knew. At first I thought flats are the way to go because lets face it this girl doesn't do heels. I searched and searched and couldn't find any I loved enough to be my wedding shoes.

Suddenly I remembered that Mr. Coastie and I have a little bit of height difference. And by a little bit I mean like well over a foot of a difference. I actually started getting concerned that if I didn't wear heels we'd have a problem dancing and even getting in the same frame for pictures (this my friends is a constant struggle) So I resolved that I'd need heels. But again, this girl doesn't do heels. So I decided a nice low heel would give me some height but I'd be less clumsy and less likely to fall on my face (which may still happen).

So with a new idea in mind I set out on my search and I came across some fabulous yellow satin Nina shoes that are only 2 inches, a perfect color and exactly what i was looking for on and they were on sale so after staring at them for a month I bought them!so after just 2 days I got a pretty box in the mail
and they are fabulous, The picture doesnt do them justice and the color is differen in person but you can get the idea

 A couple weeks ago I was at Michaels craft store and picked up an "I Do"  Decal  because it was on sale, so even though I wasn't sure what I'd use them for I went ahead and bought them. Once my Shoes came in I found the perfect use, and this will certainly make for a great photo op on wedding day
So my shoe search has come to an end and the small details of my wedding day look are coming together!