Tuesday, May 25, 2010

to heel or not to heel, that is the question

I have a shoe problem. I love cute shoes, I love to look at them and want to wear them, but then when I get them on I hate my life. For me heels are fun to look at, not so much to wear. Im not the girl that can throw on a pair of 4 inch stilettos and pull off wearing them through the agonizing pain for hours just for the beauty of them. Nope, not me. I'd rather rock some cute flops and and be comfortably laughing at the girl in the high heels.

So from the beginning I had decided I'd be wearing flats on my wedding day, because A: they are comfortable, B: I'm having an outdoor wedding and C: I'm clumsy and don't think tripping down the aisle will do much for the moment.I was looking at something adorable cute with a punch of color like this:

Lots of brides wear flats these days and I was all for this idea until i came across these:

one word: LOVE. okay these are the most fabulously perfect shoes for my wedding, I adore them, I swoon over them, I want them. problem? 4 inch heels. so here is my problem do i go for these fabulously gorgeous heel or do i got for my adorable quaint little comfortable flats? I love the heels, and It would keep me from getting my dress hemmed and make my 5' 3" self look less tiny next to Mr. Coastie's 6'6" self. but I forsee being in pain and hating these beautiful shoes before the ceremony is even over, and lets face it how am I supposed to dance and enjoy myself when I'm cutting blisters into my feet? and did I mention these shoes are $95.00? Which as far as bridal shoes go is pretty good, Some gals spend upwards of $200 on them. My precious flats come in around $30.00 but will require an entire hem on my wedding gown.

So you see my dilemma. flats or heels? comfort or fashion? someone help me decide!


  1. Flats would be better, when I was in ashleys wedding we kicked our shoes off in the reception b/c we wanted to be comfy. although we might be able to find you heels that are smaller and maybe add some embellishments to make it look the same as the others. and hopefully cheaper than $95.
    Love ya!

  2. Most the brides I have known had heels for the ceremony then flats or flip flops for the reception- so you'd be in pain for only like 45 minutes. But I understand the cost issue.

    I agree with Lauren, if you want heels, go smaller and then embellish!

  3. yeah i thought about doing a shoe change, but then you have to get your dres altered for the flats, and my shoes would show alot during the ceremony, plus i cant justify buying 2 pairs of shoes, Ill probably just go with flats, which has been my plan all along, the only reason i got swayed was these particular shoes which are so fabulous. I know ill be uncomfortable in heels no matter what and i want to wear flats, it really suits me better, but these babies are just so pretty! I know i just need to let them go but they are sure are nice to look at!

  4. Have you considered a wedge? They have fancy wedges these days and it'll give you the perfect shoe for outside so you won't be sinking into the grass, you'll get the height you want, and they are much more comfortable than heels. :-)

  5. I found some really cute wedges online that i really liked but I still feel like if I dont wear flats I'll hate myself. why is this such a hard decision?!

  6. I would go with the heels for the ceremony and then switch to the flats at the reception so you can be comfortable and can dance!!!