Saturday, October 23, 2010

decorating the aisle

as of now my decorations for the wedding consist of a folder on my computer of pictures and ideas, I havent quite materialized everything but I was taking a studied break and searching some of my favorite websites and started thinking about aisle decorations. Let's be honest the aisle is one of the focal points of the ceremony so its got to look perfect. I originally had this in mind:

Something like this is still up in the air but i came across this the other day and fell in love:

(imagine with yellow lanterns and black ribbons) what do you think? the paper lanterns would be easier to manage than the floral aisle liners and it would add more color Im thinking it might just be what im looking for.

freedom, maybe....

As you could have guessed I've  made it past anatomy!  we are a couple weeks post anatomy but there has been some major adjusting going on in my time management since I have some relative freedom these days. In anycase I came out of anatomy with an Amazing grade so it seems like all my hard work is paying off and i feel a little like this:
Moving on the rest of school is going good, the new schedule is pretty amazing and im definitely getting in the groove of this whole med school thing, which is good since ill be doing it for the next 3 years. My roommate and I tend to live off of things like this:(all the essentials a good student needs, wine candy, coffee and meatonin)

Last weekend I got a chance spur of the moment to go home which was a nice surprise. Mr Coastie brought me a few surprises :)

 and Mr. Coastie and I headed out to the FSU game (ewwww FSU, but he wanted to go so i was forced to make a sacrifice and watch the team I hate play football, but its football so I cant really turn it down)

Things on the wedding front are moving along Ive started a draft of the programs which ill be posting once i get the template done, we have our hotels narrowed down and are going to be booking our blocks soon so all of our guests can get their reservations made. Im currently on the search for some perfect engagement picture outfits i need a hirt for our casual pictures and a dress for the fancy ones, i haven't seemed to find anything that is perfect yet, but I've stil got a couple weeks so fingers crossed :)

Monday, October 04, 2010

Meetings and Delays

were officially one week away from the 8 month mark. wow. cant even believe it. good news wedding planning is slowly creeping back to the forefront of things on my to-do list.  I was fortunate enough to get a chance to go home this weekend and get some wedding things done. We had originally planned to have our engagement pictures taken on saturday but our photographer had to reschedule b/c her camera broke (well really one of the lenses) its sort f a long story but we decided it would be best to move it back. good news is this gives me an extra month to find something cute to wear since in the rush of my hell week of exams i didn't have time to go shopping. the bad news is we scheduled the day of a good friend's wedding Nov. 6th so that day will definitely be a little hectic with pictures in the morning and wedding in the afternoon. But part of being in different towns with crazy schedules means when we come home there isn't a lot of down time. anyways Lindsey Miller of lindsey lou photography is doing our photos and our wedding so check her out! I can't wait to have our engagement shoot done!

we also met with our wedding DJ this weekend. I'm very excited to work with him he seems like he knows pretty much everything there is to know and he runs all the timing and everything with no need for a coordinator, he doesn't advertise he is strictly word of mouth so I am very excited to work with him. during the meeting as he was discussing songs and timing of things my mom started crying, it was pretty hysterical that dots and lines on paper and a description of walking down the aisle made her cry, we're going to have a problem when the wedding ACTUALLY is here!

and we've finally got a list compiled of hotel options to block off rooms for the out of town guests and will hopefully be making the final decision soon, so that's one more thing to check off the list!

and lastly, remember back in the day when i said there is a single bridesmaid spot that I have yet to reveal? that will be coming in a post that is right around the corner :)

The most fabulous news of all is that I am one week until the end of anatomy, a mere 7 days until the final and I get my life back! well, sort of. Wish me luck!