Monday, May 03, 2010

It's Raining (Grooms)Men!

Now that they have  *officially* been asked I'm excited to introduce the Men of the hour.  We will be have six ( that's right SIX) groomsmen. Each one of them is very important to Mr. Coastie and he didn't want to cut any of them out, so we decided just to have a huge bridal party, no biggie. so here's the role call of the guys who will be standing up on our big day (i apologize in advance for the bad nicknames I gave these guys, it ended up being whatever popped into my head as im writing this post):

To start with we have the Best Man Whiter. Him and Mr. Coastie have been friends since age 3 (I believe) and are just about brothers, along with 3 of the other Groomsmen, who actually are his brothers.  He is about to graduate College with a physics major and will be spending a semster living with Mr. Coastie at the beach in the Spring.
Up next is Doctor groomsman, He is the oldest of the 4 brothers and again Mr. Coastie has known him for ages. He is a student at MSU COM and a great resource for advice for me seeing as he's doing the same thing ill be doing next year but is a year ahead ( Doctor groomsman is in the middle, with a funny looking highschool version of Mr Coastie on the right).

Then we have the third brother of the bunch Western Groomsman. He goes to Western Michigan University (hence the nickname) and again has been Mr. Coastie's buddy for pretty much ever.
The Last of the brothers is Music Man Groomsman. The youngest of the clan He is really like a little brother to Mr. Coastie (another pic of Mr. Coastie's high school days... always makes me laugh)
 Next we have Brother Groomsman. My brother that is. not much explination is needed here, he has been my big brother my whole life, ha ha.
and lastly we have Wolverine Groomsman, Mr. Coastie's Cousin and much to my dismay a very big Univ of Michigan fan (ha ha just kidding!) and him and wifey are expecting a baby girl soon!
So there they are, the official list of our boys. The role call for the bridesmaids will be coming soon, I'm going to begin asking at the end of this week and I'm very excited to post my bridesmaid asking project blog and introduce you all to my lovely ladies :)

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