Thursday, June 03, 2010

All My (single) Ladies

okay, so they aren't all single but they are all my ladies.  I'm very excited to introduce my lovely bridesmaids to you! ranging from childhood friends to future family I am truly blessed to have these women in my life and I can't wait for them to stand next to me on the big day.

To start with is Seminole MOH. I couldn't imagine any one else being my maid of honor, She has been the best friend a girl could ask for for the last 5 years. We met when were wee little tikes selling christmas trees  for our brother's boy scout troops and ended up becoming really good friends after being in a bible study together in late high school. She graduated from FSU with a Fashion Merchandising degree and is currently living it Up in Jacksonville,fl. The weekend I met Mr. Coastie I was visiting Seminole MOH and her and her cousin are the reason we met, so I thank her for that and mostly she has been my taxi driver to the airport the millions of times I flew to go see Mr. Coastie. So she has a special place in the history of our relationship.  We are really like the exact same person and she has always been there for me and listened to me laugh and cry. I even had to divorce her (on facebook) when mr.Coastie and I became an item, but she'll always be my wifey :)

Next up is the girl I've been friends with the longest probably of all my friends, Lawyer Bridesmaid. I met her in third grade (eek that was a long time ago!) and we instantly bonded over boys in our class we liked and even got in trouble for passing notes about them (oops). Even though after high school she went off to Duke we remained close and now she is at FSU Law school kicking some butt! I love this girl, thats all there is to it. 

"you don't go to college to meet your husband, you go to meet your bridesmaids" absolutely. Gator bridesmaid is the "college friend" of my group of ladies.  We have a funny history, I met her in Microbiology Lab when she sat on the same bench as me. Me and two other girls always said she had a "love connection" with the kid on the end of the bench, turns out..not so true (ha ha, sorry I had to say it!) the four of us called our selves the "MCB girls" and Im pretty sure everyone in all of our micro classes knew us as the gaggle of girls who sat in the back and laughed about fake romances with professors and funny names of bacteria. From walking with cows and dishing about boys, med school and all other things me and Gator Bridesmaid became very close. Im more than excited to have her up there with me :)

My next two girls are my future family. Im very excited to become a part of Mr. Coastie's family and very excited to get to call these girls my cousins. They are so fun and crack me up every time I get to visit.  Im so excited they agreed to be a part of our wedding! First up is Mommy Bridesmaid. She is about to have an adorable little baby girl due at the end of June and she is Wolverine Groomsman's lovely wife. 

And lastly is Red Wings Bridesmaid, She is Mr. Coastie's cousin and my future cousin. She is pretty much hilarious and makes me laughwhen we're around. I can't say enough how excited I am for these girls to be in the wedding :)

So there you have it! say hello to my lovely bridesmaids. Im really lucky to have all these girl in my life and so incredibly happy they'll be a big part of my wedding.

Stay tuned for the ring bearer/flower girl announcements, after all they are too adorable to miss :)

p.s. For those of you wondering, there will be one more bridesmaid (to make our party even)

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