Tuesday, May 25, 2010

we've got a logo?

Aparrently there is this new trend (it may not be new, but to me its new) to have a wedding logo or monogram. I think these are really cute, they go on water bottle labels (which we ARE doing even though this may be a labor of love more than its worth) they go on thank you cards, invitations, other random paper products for the wedding. So I've decided to do a few mock ups, I cant exactly decide which i like best or if we will use them or how we will use them but I figured I'd share and maybe get some feedback from everyone out there in internet world. okay so I made a few of them some i like more than others, im just sort of getting the hang of this inkscape thing so i dont exactly know the size they will show up on here so bare with me
This was my first creation, i don't LOVE the font like i do on some of the others
After seeing the first Mr. Coastie suggested that we add an R and a C to the mix, I think this one is a little too busy, he agrees, what do you think?

I dont know about this one, I d
I don't now about this, I like the black background but I'm not sure why I dont love it.

I actually really like this one, I happen to love the ampersand, but Mr. Coastie hates it, he thinks "that and sign is stupid"

 This is Mr. Coastie's favorite. I like it too although im not sure about the indefinite barrier, i.e no circle or anything around it, just sort of floating in nowheres land.

This baby is my favorite, It's sort of hard to see because of the size but I love it, and the font is my favorite. What do you guys think? which one looks the coolest?


  1. I'm going to have to go with the very first one!

  2. I really like the last three, the last one being my favorite!