Monday, March 28, 2011

Crisis number 1

I'll admit i've been pretty lucky. this whole wedding planning thing has gone pretty smooth so far. Mom is taking care of most of the work, I just approve things. I'm too busy to worry and stress about little things like plates and napkins or ribbons or whatever it is that normal brides stress about and worry about. I've heard that once you hit the last 3 months that's when everything goes haywire. Thats when it gets crazy and that's when you become Bridezilla. But not so much, we're just 2 and half month away and aside from school this has been relatively stress and crisis free.

until now.

Last week while just 3 days away from taking a huge exam that was mostly on Neuroanatomy (which might I add is no walk in the park) I get a friendly email from the travel agency we booked our honeymoon from saying that there has been a change in our flights and I need to contact them. Obviously I'm expecting nothing, maybe just a couple minute time change or something simple and uneventful of the sort. so I email them back and promptly get a reply telling me that our flights to and from DR have been cancelled. yep cancelled. and we can either change the dates of our trip or change to another airline and pay up to 400$ more for the flight change.

commence freak out.

I probably wouldnt have been so upset about it had I not been stressed and freaked beyond belief about my exam that was two days away. but whatever the reason this set off a hysterical crying that went on for hours. Of course I call Mr. Coastie and my dad begging for one of the men in my life to help me out. we decide to change the dates of our honeymoon and push it back one day, no big deal right? right. every thing is solved right? WRONG

after speaking to the travel agent and informing him we will be pushing the trip back one day and will just be booked on the new flights he gets back to me and tells me that the resort doesn't have the same room we booked for the new dates and we can either downgrade (ew) and receive money back or upgrade and pay $100 for the upgrade. well It turns out the "upgrade" is really a downgraded room that is ocean front (so it cost more because the resort considers it an upgrade when actually the room itself is a downgraded room) essentially they were telling us we need to pay $100 for a worse room.

not happening.

Seeing how upset I was Daddy came to the rescue (like he always does) and I passed the issue over and continued to study about my test trying not to stress and freak out about the whole situation for the week it took them to figure it out. the result? The resort ended up transferring us over to their sister resort which happens to be a nicer more expensive resort and we get our same suite for free. In essence we upgraded resorts which would have cost us an extra $400-500 to do except we got it for free. Now staying at the nicer resort we also have access to the restaurants pool amenities etc. of BOTH resorts where before we only had access to one.  So all in all we lucked out!

Crisis number one officially averted

What did I learn from this you ask? Well for one I remembered what Dads are for. and secondly I learned that good things can come from bad things. Hopefully this is the most stressful of things we will encounter over the next two months, but something tells me thats just wishful thinking.

Friday, March 04, 2011

99 days to go

I can't believe were already under 100 days until the wedding. Time has been flying by and I've barely noticed it! I must admit as stressful as it is its kind of nice having something like Medical school to distract me from the approaching wedding. It makes the time go so much faster and I'm less stressed about it than most rides I know. of course I say that now, talk to me at the end of may when we've got less than a month left and Im smack in the middle of finals, I'll probably be a nut case.

We picked up our wedding bands a few weeks ago and I wanted to share them. I'm in love with them. Ive been periodically just taking them out of their boxes and staring at them becuase I can't wait to put them on. I'm weird, yes , I know.  anyways here they are