Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"i don't watch that show 'this is the dress' so i dont know"

I bought a wedding dress! sudden? yes. unexpected? even more yes. happy? ecstatic! So mom doctor and I decided to go on our first wedding dress hunting adventure yesterday. David's Bridal was having their big sale and we were doing nothing and figured it was about time to start searching. I had a general idea of what i like: assymetrical rouching, flattering, A-line, strapless, gorgeous, not too fancy but not to simple. something like these:

So armed with this info and about 37 pictures printed off the website I went into my appointment just expecting to look and then go home wait a awhile come back and try again. Welp that plan didn't exactly work, I fell in love with a dress, and it was on clearance and it was being discontinued, so with not much thinking we bought it.

Being a huge important purchase I left the store with a little doubt in my mind wondering if maybe i should have just waited, and keep looking, but I knew that i loved it, i knew it was the one, so why would i keep looking? My mom was surprised at the fact that you could order your dress a year in advance, the consultant and I informed her that generally its about 9 months so while im a little early its no big deal, and she replied oh wow really? "i dont watch that show this is the dress" (referring to say yes to the dress) and everyone in the near vicinity chuckled. So I said yes to a dress. Which means Ive got a venue, a dress and registered. planing is moving along even though we havent gotten to the nitty gritty of the details and things ill have to do and make yet, some of the biggest things will be done before I head off to med school, which is exactly what i wanted.

p.s. one of the dresses pictured above is the one i said yes to

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  1. I'm so glad you found THE dress Rach!!! It's it amazing how you think "I'm just going to look" and would never imagine you would find THE dress that day. That's exactly what happened to me and it just so happens it was discounted and discontinued!!!