Friday, May 21, 2010

Will you be My Bridesmaid?

I've been waiting to make this post for a while! I have officially asked all my girls to be by my side on the big day (Yay!) For some reason I was very VERY excited about this, for some reason I just couldn't wait to tell the chosen ones that I wanted them to be there. I searched the internet and tried to come up with some awesome ideas for proposing to my six lovely ladies and one little lady. I had tons of ideas but somethings just didnt pan out the way that I wanted, however I knew i wanted to do more than just shoot each one a phone call and ask. SOO this is what I came up with, I made each one of them picture frames they can put a picture from the wedding in (in a year...) or some other picture of their choosing. And I made each one a handmade card. Im not going to lie, i was pretty proud of these babies. For the frames I hit up my new favorite store Michaels armed with some 40% coups and on the day of their "biggest sale of the season" and got the frames, ribbon, cardstock and paint. 
So, I painted the wood frames black ( took like 4 coats for me to get them the color I wanted) Then i painted in yellow and white each girls name and position in the wedding party, Im pretty happy with the way they turned out, a couple of them I accidentally did upside down and had to drill a new hole in the bottom, which didn't turn out the way i wanted ( sorry for the 4 of you that got those, i tried to remedy it by adding paint into the whole thats a little big, but a little glue on the stick should do the trick)hey, im not perfect at this DIY business yet. ha ha
And the final product :)
Next I did the cards, I glued two sheet of construction paper together and used card stock to back the poem on the front ( which there are two different versions of), Then I cut out a dress shape or found a photo of me and the girl who's card it was for the inside, added a personal message and tied the card to the frame with ribbon and voila!

and the final product :)
disclaimer: The maid of honor's card was different, cause she is special :) no picture of that one, sorry, but it included "top 10 reasons to be my maid of honor" which i might add were pretty hilarious. 
coming soon:we'll get to know my lovely ladies a little better, so stay tuned for that one.

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  1. tee hee I'll definitely be reading that post!!