Tuesday, May 25, 2010

"all i got was 'ensacola beach' Cause his head was in the way"

So yesterday we took our previously mentioned pre engagement picture engagement pictures, nothing to fancy just a few shots at the beach where Mr. Coastie proposed. Im pretty happy with them seeing as they were just taken by a fellow Coastie who offered his time and we just used my dinky little digital (cause daddy doctor was being a hoarder with his uber nice camera) Anyways, It really made me very excited for a real engagement pictures coming in October, I cant wait to have some awesome photos by a professional done and get to work with the couple that will be doing our wedding. But, for the time being this will have to hold me over. here's a few of my favs from the evening


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  2. I still wanna take you as guys to like a playground and do some photography shots there! I promise we will one day very soon!!! :)