Friday, May 21, 2010

Pre Engagement Pictures Engagement Pictures

For those of you who know me, or have seen my previous room in Gainesville, or have had me be the paparazzi and take 20,000 pictures of you on one night out know that one of my loves is photography. Whether is is fun pictures of friends and family or artistic pictures of sunsets and flowers or just about anything, I love it. So of course some of the things im really excited about for the wedding are engagement pictures and wedding pictures. I ABSOLUTELY love looking at other people's engagement pics and wedding pics, it makes my heart happy. So it shouldn't surprise you that I've already got tons of ideas and pictures printed out for the engagement pictures and I can hardly wait to do them. Sadly, our real E-Pics wont be taking place until October (*tear*). You see Florida is 90 degrees from now until about October and the 100% percent humidity will have my curly hair looking like Monica in the Barbados episode of FRIENDS in season 10 (see)
not exactly a good look for some beloved E-Pics. So for our official engagement shoot we'll have to wait. However, I've found something to hold me over! I've decided that I really want to have some pictures taken in Pensacola, after all that is where we got engaged. However, our pictures are going to be taken in Tallahassee, a whole 3 hours away, which is a problem. So One of Mr. Coastie's friends has graciously agreed to help us out! we are going to be using a very nice camera and have some shots taken on Pensacola Beach where Mr. Coastie proposed. Ive got some awesome ideas for under the pier and some sand writing and feet in the water shots will definitely be taking place. I figured this will be our practice shoot so when the real pics come around we'll be ready! and it will give me a little taste of some pictures while letting us have some where it all happened.

I found this ADORABLE dress at Target (for only $19.99!)
If I like the way It looks in Pictures I may wear it for one of my official E-Pic outfits ( we'll be having two outfits and 2 locations). So monday night when the sun is going down (which apparently is the best light) we'll be taking our pre engagement picture engagement pictures. of course Ill be posting a few after the shoot. Get hyped.


  1. Rachel- I love that episode with Monica and the hair!! It's the best!!! Pictures are sooo important to me as well. I know I searched for DAYS and printed out a million ideas for our engagement pictures!!! It was the best time ever!

  2. I cant wait to have Casey take ours im like chomping at the bit for it to be october!