Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Im no longer a wedding DIY virgin...

Ive officially completed my first DIY project for the wedding (except for my Bridesmaids "will you be my" gifts, but more on that to come later). I was doing my browsing a Michael's today and decided there must be something i can do to kick off my DIY projects. so I decided to start with something simple, my bridal hair flower. I love the look of a white flower for a bride

I mean lets be honest how incredibly gorgeous is that? So i began doing some research on these babies thinking oh this is awesome a gorgeous accessory i can find for like 10 bucks. WRONG. Bridal hair flowers run anywhere from 30-80 dollars. Talk about sticker shock. So of course i started thinking there's got to be a way to make that, it cant be hard, or maybe i can just buy silk flower and put it in my hair (the effect is not exactly the same FYI). So of course i found some tutorials online, did a little test run with a hawaiian lei flowers and some buttons i had laying around and decided I could totally make this.

Back to the present, I was at Micheal's craft store and picked up 
2 big white roses (@ 1.99)
1 pack of crystal beads (4.99)
and I headed home to get to work

First I pulled the flower head off of the rest of flower, usually these are just attached by those lieelt plastic pieces so its easy to pull them off, you can throw away the leaves/steam, no need for them anymore.

then I separated the roses into the individual petals, just pull them apart, they are attached in layers, mine had a few other plastic pieces holding it together so I pulled those out as well. ( sorry i forgot to photo this part!). Once the layers are pulled apart I took the layers from both roses and stacked them to my liking, making sure each petal was where i wanted it and I pinned it as I went along to make sure the layers stayed
After pinning all the layers i simply took white thread and stitched through the middle tightly several times and then I stitched each layer of petals a few times (where i had placed the pins) to ensure that everything was secure.

Lastly I took a piece of white fabric and stitched it once over the center of the flower (just to make a smooth pretty surface for the beads to be placed.Then I sewed each of the beads individually into the middle of the flower. At the end I glued all the threads on the back to secure it. 

The flower will be glued onto a alligator clip or hair comb for use, I havent decided how i will have a veil but I will have an updo with the flower in the side
When i was done i sprayed it with hair spray to just make sure it stays crisp and clean over the next year and I put it in a plastic bag and placed it in my "wedding" box. So there it is! my bridal hair flower for a total of 8 dollars and about 30 minutes of work, not too shabby eh?


  1. Love it!! I have bought my flower and some feathers. I haven't finished mine, but you have given me some great ideas!!! Keep up the good work!

  2. I like it! Just found your blog thru WB so I look forward to seeing your other projects :)