Saturday, October 27, 2012

Ive Moved!

Hey everyone!
I know its been AGES since Ive posted, I sort of gave it up when life got in the way, BUT things have settled down now and Ive decided to start blogging again!

Ive moved over to a new blog with a new name and a new focus after the wedding. if you're interested you can follow me at    and out my very first post (from today)!


Friday, May 27, 2011

We're Licensed!

On Monday Mr. Coastie and I went down to the court house to get our marraige license. We didnt exactly know what to expect but we went on our way with our premarital counseling cirtificate ( because its a coup! only 60$ instead of 90). We got to the first building and walked inside all excited when the we couldn't even get past security because she knew right away we were in the wrong place. she sent us down the road to a different building.

we get down the road and head into the new building and straight to the line that says "marriage and civil ceremonies" conveniently located next to the  "felony" line.

we get our application and our family law handbooks. to which Mr Coastie immediately says "im not reading that" and I reply " I'm going to at least pretend to read it, she is staring right at us!" 

So we proceed to fill out our application for a marraige license and while I'm thinking this is such a romantic moment we are sharing! Mr. Coastie is, well, texting.... yeah thanks for that one.

as we are filling out the application I get to the part where it says "is this your first marraige" 
I read " have you ever been married before" same question essentiall but very different answers.

I accidentally wrote "no" to the actual question implying I had been married before, I had to cross the whole thing out with pin fix it and then tried to make a joke to the lady at the window, she was not amused.  oops
never the less we finish our app and finish pretending to read the family handbook and go back to window where we get offered a fancy marraige certificate for just 5 dollars that has no legal value and is basically a souvineer, I decline, Mr Coastie, well he contemplated, but the pretended he didn't want the flowery piece of paper, but we all know he secretely did. 

We move onto the cashier and then the final "look over" of our certificate. The lady at the window ( who is not happy with her life apparently" hands it to us and tells us where to sign, Mr. Coastie picks up the pen and is about to write when she screams at him not to sign yet. We had to take an oath, right hand in the air and all swearing all our information was true and then we were signing and we were out the door! I
It was a pretty funny experience and now we've got our license!

 "pretending" to read the handbook

All done!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Student Doctor Activities

Aside from the wedding I've been pretty wrapped up in school and extracurricular activities. I have had some really great opportunities to work in the community and around Bradenton. I am currently the new president of the Pediatrics Club at LECOM and have been getting involved in our local FOMA chapter. 

Recently I got a chance to attend Osteopathic Medicine day in Tallahassee with FOMA . It was a really great pourtunity to get involved in the politics and represent our field in things that we as future physicians need to be mindful about
 The group from NOVA and LECOM with Gov. Rick Scott
 Chatting with some Docs at the Cocktail hour at the University club
 In the rotunda of the capital
 With speaker of the House Dean Cannon
 waiting for Dean Cannon...
 our group at the Cocktail hour

 At breakfast on the top floor of the Capital
 House Chambers

looking into the rotunda at a press conference

I also recently participate in a heath fair at one of the local high schools teaching Kids some importnat health facts.
 The ACOFP group
 Pediatric group (left) and Emergency medicine (right)
 The board I made for the fair
Me and My VP showing our activity with glitter and germ ex

Next year will be full of volunteer activites trying to get alot more things in before I go off to rotations, as for the summer I'm hoping to shadow a neurologist at Sacred Heart in Pensacola.

A Hairy situation

I thought the wedding day hair would be the eaxiest thing to arrange, I call make appointments, bring a picture and viola! done!

My wedding day hair experience turned out to initially be one of the most stressfull things. My Mom's salon had offered to take on the task of doing the bridal and bridal party hair months ago. When the time came to make the appointments the hairdresser who does my mothers hair said she would take care of it. She then proceeded to say that she was going to do all 7/8 hair styles on her own with no help. think again my friend. Obviously I dont want hair done over 6 hours, that's the reason to all go together is so that you can ALL GO TOGETHER. She then said she would get a friend to help. okay so still 2 people for 8 hairstyles isnt enough. she then proceeded to tell me her friend isnt even licensed yet and that she was going to charge a base rate of 65$

First of all If I wanted my or my bridesmaids hair done by a non professional I would have had some girl down the street do it. secondly, 65$ base rate is too much. 3rdly 2 people isnt enough.

This hairdresser continued to insist she would take care of nd she'd work with us and it would work out. I finally got fed up and decided to take matters into my own hands and changed salons to one that could accomadate us all at the same and take care of our needs. let me tell you this is the BEST decision ever.  If I learned anything from thid experience it is that when it comes to wedding planning if vendors aren't giving you what you want and aren't willing to work with you then you need to move on sooner rather than later. This fiasco took 4 months to sort out and was way to much stress.

I had my first hair trial at the new salon and was beyond happy! My head is even on their facebook webpage under the  "formal up do" tab because they loved the style so much. This is the back view

April Showers bring May...Showers?

I have the most amazing friends and family who have gone out of their way to throw me the two most fabulous showers. The first is what we call the "mother of the bride shower" AKA all of my mom's friends who have known me and watched me grow up since I was 6 years old. And as I grew I baby sat for them and their daughters. This bridal tea was a reunion for mothers and daughters in "great Gatsby Style"

 Me and Doctor Bridesmaid

 Mom Me and Doctor Bridesmaid

 Me and the Lovey Host

 There was a speech....
 The rehrsal bouquet before its making

The second was a traditional Bridal shower that My wonderful MOH threw for me

 My Future Mother in Law and Me

 Explaining the "vows" game which was pretty funnny

Im Back!

Firs of all, I'll go ahead and admit it, I'm a bad blogger.

Things have gotten Crazy lately between finals and the wedding just over 3 weeks away!! I can't believe its so close I feel like I started this adventure so long ago and here I am about to be done with my first year of medical school and 3 weeks away from getting married, Its all so surreal.

I'm sitting in my mostly packed apartment thinking about how I'll be 1/4 of a doctor in just 4 days. Last July I thought I may never make it through this year without going crazy and now I feel like a pro. I've worked hard and manage to secure a place in the top ten of my medical school class which I couldn't be more proud of. I' definitely in need of this upcoming break and ready to move onto year two!

My mother has been a Godsend when it comes to wedding stuff. She is basically taking care of EVERYTHING. I give her ideas and she makes them happen. I never could have gotten everything done this year without her, I am absolutely so lucky she was willing and excited to help with everything. I know she is ready for the big day too, she's been working so hard to make it perfect for Mr. Coastie and I and I just know it will be.

As updates are concerned everything seems to be coming together, we go to get our marriage license on Monday, we have final meetings with our DJ and photographer coming up and the RSVPs are rolling in! There is still more than enough things I need to do once school is over, programs and favors and all the little work that needs to be done will get done in that time so I'm expecting a few long days of glueing and ribbon tieing but it will get done one way or the other. 

I don't have the space or time to update everything that happened in the last few months so I'll leave you with a promise to be a better blogger (especially this summer when I have nothing to do!)

Monday, March 28, 2011

Crisis number 1

I'll admit i've been pretty lucky. this whole wedding planning thing has gone pretty smooth so far. Mom is taking care of most of the work, I just approve things. I'm too busy to worry and stress about little things like plates and napkins or ribbons or whatever it is that normal brides stress about and worry about. I've heard that once you hit the last 3 months that's when everything goes haywire. Thats when it gets crazy and that's when you become Bridezilla. But not so much, we're just 2 and half month away and aside from school this has been relatively stress and crisis free.

until now.

Last week while just 3 days away from taking a huge exam that was mostly on Neuroanatomy (which might I add is no walk in the park) I get a friendly email from the travel agency we booked our honeymoon from saying that there has been a change in our flights and I need to contact them. Obviously I'm expecting nothing, maybe just a couple minute time change or something simple and uneventful of the sort. so I email them back and promptly get a reply telling me that our flights to and from DR have been cancelled. yep cancelled. and we can either change the dates of our trip or change to another airline and pay up to 400$ more for the flight change.

commence freak out.

I probably wouldnt have been so upset about it had I not been stressed and freaked beyond belief about my exam that was two days away. but whatever the reason this set off a hysterical crying that went on for hours. Of course I call Mr. Coastie and my dad begging for one of the men in my life to help me out. we decide to change the dates of our honeymoon and push it back one day, no big deal right? right. every thing is solved right? WRONG

after speaking to the travel agent and informing him we will be pushing the trip back one day and will just be booked on the new flights he gets back to me and tells me that the resort doesn't have the same room we booked for the new dates and we can either downgrade (ew) and receive money back or upgrade and pay $100 for the upgrade. well It turns out the "upgrade" is really a downgraded room that is ocean front (so it cost more because the resort considers it an upgrade when actually the room itself is a downgraded room) essentially they were telling us we need to pay $100 for a worse room.

not happening.

Seeing how upset I was Daddy came to the rescue (like he always does) and I passed the issue over and continued to study about my test trying not to stress and freak out about the whole situation for the week it took them to figure it out. the result? The resort ended up transferring us over to their sister resort which happens to be a nicer more expensive resort and we get our same suite for free. In essence we upgraded resorts which would have cost us an extra $400-500 to do except we got it for free. Now staying at the nicer resort we also have access to the restaurants pool amenities etc. of BOTH resorts where before we only had access to one.  So all in all we lucked out!

Crisis number one officially averted

What did I learn from this you ask? Well for one I remembered what Dads are for. and secondly I learned that good things can come from bad things. Hopefully this is the most stressful of things we will encounter over the next two months, but something tells me thats just wishful thinking.