Thursday, April 29, 2010

Under the shade of an oak tree

okay so close your eyes, and imagine this sun setting on a late June afternoon, standing under the shade of an old oak tree gazing out onto an adorable little pond with an adorable little building with an adorable wrap around porch in the background. Sounds pretty perfect right? well whats even more perfect than that? Im getting married in that. yep thats right, be jealous.

I just got home from a venue meeting with mama Doctor and Daddy Doctor (sadly Mr. Coastie couldnt be here) and Im proud to say the decision is unanimous. I have found my venue. Im going to book it tomorrow so while its not officially official im still very excited.

So the place is the Retreat at Bradley's Pond, its more wonderful than wonderful and im so excited about getting married here and I can envision the perfectness of it. okay okay enough chatter let me show you
this is the view of where the reception will be held from where the ceremony is going to be

this is the aisle, chairs will be on either side, im going to do something fun as decorations along the aisle and at the end is where we will get married, the arch will get decorated too, probablly just some awesome draped fabric

this is the veiw from the exact spot ill be standing when I sad  "I Do"

wrap around porch! love love love this. im going to have white lights along the banniserts and possibly something else, but really its just so pretty you barely need anything

This is the view of where the ceremony will take place from the porch 

another view from the porch

this is a view of where the reception will be, they are setting up for a banquet thats got 250 people so it looks a little crunched with all those tables, ours will bemarketably less buttttt, dont you love the fireplace and high ceilings?

Another view towards the side doors, where momma doctor, daddy doctor and Mr. Page are chatting it up

Well thats it, the pictures dont so much do its justice, its beautiful, im in love! Cant wait to officially sign that contract, minus the money i have to put down :(

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  1. How exciting!! What a great thing to check off your list, esp. when you've got a good lookin' venue like that!