Wednesday, April 28, 2010

I've heard every album, listened to the radio

Im in a weird place...In my planning that is. The thing is its too early I feel to start actually buying little things we need for here and there and I can't really book big things because we haven't picked a venue and even though we pretty much have our date cemented I don't want to do anything like that until its concrete, i.e. contract signed venue booked. So where does that leave me? Well it leaves me with lots of time and lots of ideas and a million random wedding details floating around in my head. My "wedding ideas" folder on my computer is choc full of pictures and bookmarked web pages of things that i like and i want to buy but feel silly buying right now (a clutch, and possible shoe/hair choices etc). I'm having dreams about the wedding every night, I'm hoping this isn't going to last for the next 400 days seeing as they are usually nightmares of terrible things happening! But I digress...

there was a point to this post, I'm getting to it I promise....

okay so one of these details that has been floating around my mind is the music and specifically the first dance song. Should be a no brainer right? ehh not so much. Mr. Coastie and I don't have an officially designated song, I've always just sort of thought that it was Brad Paisley's "Then". Why? well this song was playing when Mr. Coastie told me he loved me for the first time (cue a chorus of "awwwws") and the first time I went to visit him in Boston it was the first song that came on the radio in the car after he picked me up from the airport. For a long time it was his ring tone on my phone and basically it just really sums up how i feel about him. So basically I've always thought of it as "our song" and every time it comes on the radio and were together i gleefully pronounce "oh its our song"  and then lovingly sing along:

lets face it i can just see us dancing to that and it being perfect. can't you?

Well lately Ive had some other ideas pop into my mind and sway me from my dear brad paisley song. First up is the lovely sounds of Carrie Underwood, I used this song on a slide show that I made for Mr. Coastie for our one year anniversary and the more I listen to it the more I love it, but on another note it seems to be more of a "we just started dating and I'm swooning over you" type of song, not a "I just commited to spending my whole life with you" song, you be the judge

(try to ignore the halfway silly video on this one, although i do have a soft spot for the carrie/mike romance, its youtube, what can i say)

and lastly comes Lady Antebellum. I have both of their albums and I absolutely love just about everything they do, When the I need you now album came out I was driving along listening to it for the first time and this song came on that nearly stopped me in my tracks, I almost started crying because it reminded me of me and Mr. Coastie (and at the time he was stationed in Virginia and I missed him, I'm not just some weirdo crying when she drives all the time ha ha) This one is a duet which I feel is lovely because its a wedding dance so a duet just feels fitting

so there it is, my three first dance songs that i keep listening to on repeat one after each other. good thing I have like 409 days to figure this one out. what do you think?

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