Friday, April 23, 2010

Things aren't always black and white (but my wedding is)

Wedding colors, the only "no brainer" when it comes to my wedding...well the only one except for the man at the end of the aisle that is. Some people have trouble when it comes to deciding their wedding colors, not me. Let me make a confession, Ive had my colors picked out for nearly 365 days (yes thats right, pre-engagement i was completely set on ym wedding colors). What are they you ask? Well those who know me will take about 2 seconds to shout out YELLOW! and you'd be correct. i love love love me some yellow. my bedroom in my Gainesville apartment being a standing testament to that. Now  comes the tricky part, what to go with the yellow?Well,  black and white of course. I know i know you are sitting there thinking the same thing that Mr. Coastie thought and i quote "Won't we look like bumble bees?" the answer is nope, not at all. Instead we will look like this:

My color inspiration completely came from Sunflowers, my favorite flower, they make me happy, it was the first bouquet of flowers Mr. Coastie ever sent me (good boy, he actually listened to all that chatter that was coming out of my mouth the night we met). As i began my wedding insiration search i was surprised to find that Sunflowers/yellow/white/black is actually a common wedding combination and i was happy to know that my vision wasnt completely crazy. Ive found so many wonderful things that have got my creative juices flowing and perfect inspiration for my Big day. I came across this inspiration board:
Ill be honest with you, I fell in love, this board is the exact vision i had in my head personified via google images right down to what the bridesmaids are wearing and carrying, and thus my wedding theme was born. Seeing as its going to be an outdoor wedding I want to go with a sort of rustic edge on a black white and yellow wedding, if that makes sense to anyone. In my mind its perfect, hopefully it materializes that way. So there you have it, the black, white and yellow side of my wedding.

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