Friday, April 23, 2010

Let's introduce ourselves

Hi all. As we can all tell this is my official first post! exciting, i know. Okay so we'll start with a little introduction so we can get to know each other. Im Miss Doctor and will be sharing my life, stress, happiness and thoughts with you. Due to my obsession with wedding blogs that I daily surf on the internet I thought to myself that maybe i should start one myself, so here we are and here we go.

First a little background: I graduated from the University of Florida (Go Gators!) with a Microbiology and Cell Science degree. Starting this July I will be going to Lake Erie College of Osteopathic Medicine for medical school. I am pennsylvania born and Florida raised and for the time being im in limbo getting ready for the big move to school.

I recently got engaged to the most wonderful man in the world ( okay im a little biased, but still im pretty sure he at least ranks in the top 10, objectively that is) and for our purposes we'll call him Mr. Coastie. Mr. Coastie is From Kalamazoo, Mi and currently resides in the beautiful city of Pensacola,Fl which makes me happy cause it puts him that much closer to me. We met in March of 2009 when his Coast Guard cutter was in port in Jacksonville, Fl for a couple of weeks. At the time i was living in Gainesville and had gone to Jacksonville to visit my best friend and her cousin. Mr Coastie happened to walk into the same sports grill that we were in and after staring from across the room for an hour my friend summoned him over, embarrassed me a little and convinced him to sit down. I proceeded to talk for 3 hours not letting him get a word in edge wise, which lets face it im a pretty verbose person, but luckily little miss chatty cathy didnt scare him away. He gave me his number and the rest is history. Our entire relationship has been long distance and while there has been alot of ups and a few downs I wouldn't trade a single second of it. Mr. Coastie recently made rank to Petty Officer and got stationed in Florida (Yay!). And being a mere 3 hours apart has been a blessing.

Now that you know a bit about us lets get to the good story: the proposal! I was visiting Mr. Coastie in Pensacola and he called from work to say we were going on a date night. So that night we went out to dinner and then he took her for a walk on the beach. As we were walking on the beach we started talking about our first date (which was on the beach in Jacksonville). Then Mr. Coastie stopped and turned around and said “There’s something Ive been wanting to do for a while” and proceeded to get down on one knee, I thought he was joking and said “ ha ha are you joking?” and then he pulled out a pretty little blue ring box and She lost it. I proceeded to shriek such a high pitch noise that only dogs could hear it and began crying (almost hysterically, although she sure he will say it was hysterically). He didn’t even get a chance to give his whole planned will you marry me speech because of the crying , and finally he said “we’ll are you going to leave me hanging here?” and I (who had almost forgotten I was supposed to actually say yes) said “absolutely”. And he put the ring on my finger and i offically became the Future Mrs. Coastie. 

So back to the present. So Here we are, the engagement journey begins. Being that he is in the military and im about tos tart medical school we are planning our wedding on limited funds and with limited time, so this should be a fun experience right? well, ill let you judge that. From here on out im going to share the fun, trials and tribulations of DIY projects, sacrifices and time management, oh and the parties, cant forget the parties, all along the way. So hopefully you enjoy and if you are planning a wedding yourself maybe my thoughts will help! Can't wait to share this journey with y'all!

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