Friday, April 23, 2010

Folders, Dividers and Spreadsheets, Oh My!

Hi, I'm Miss Doctor and Im a Type A personality ( in unison: "Hi Miss Doctor") Okay so this isn't an AA meeting but it is a confession of an addiction. Us Type As have a problem, the need for organization and perfection. Ill admit i love packing, cause i like to organize things, School supply shopping makes my heart happy and a girl can never make enough spreadsheets. So not 3 days after I got engaged I headed out to Target and snagged a 3 ring binder and a bunch of dividers. Why you ask? to make the wedding folder of course! I think Mr. Coastie is already sick of this folder, I have had it with me constantly and its only been a mere 3 weeks. Some people get premade wedding planning organizers from Borders or Barnes and Noble, but not this girl. I like things exactly the way i like it, thus that premade pink book wont do it for me. Its only been a couple of weeks but the wedding folder is perfect with places for the checklist, budget, ceremony, decorations, guest list, attire etc. how do you make your own planner?
2 inch 3 ring binder
Bussiness card holders
Sheet protectors
Post its
Hole punch
picture of the happy couple/used left over scrap book and consturction paper to make the front now assemble and label to your liking!

its just to my liking, perfect for all my notes, ideas and eventual contracts etc will be there for safe keeping. and the upside? its a nice little keepsake for the future. At a cost of  $3.25 my homemade wedding organizer is more to my liking and cheaper than that $35.00 one on the shelf at borders.

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