Friday, April 23, 2010

Sometimes its okay to throw rocks at girls...

....As long as those rocks are diamonds. We all know that when someone get engaged the first thing anyone says is "let me see the ring!"  Every girl wants the engagement ring to be perfect and every guy wants the enegagement ring to be free (true story).

Growing up imagining my perfect engagement ring i always wanted the classic brilliant round cut solitaire diamond. I mean its timeless, classic, never goes out of style and really you cant go wrong with it. When things began heading towards engagement Mr. Coastie and I began to look at rings ( although this was 6 months before the actual proposal and let me tell you the waiting was agony, but that's another story all together) my classic solitaire mind started to wander to some accents and such, we searched high and low for something gorgeous but that wouldn't break the bank, Lets face it this girl isnt an $11,000 dollar ring kind of girl. Im very simple, i dont wear a ton of jewelry and am generally low maintenance when it comes to accessories, clothes hair etc. thus i dont need all sorts crazy stuff going on on my ring. So Mr. Coastie looked and looked and when the time came he knew what was perfect. even though my eye wandered he knew deep down what i really wanted was that round cut solitaire so on that beach when he was on his knee in that adorable blue box sat my perfect ring. Simple, classic, elegant, perfectly me.

So of course when i got home after the proposal i had to show off my ring and what better way to do that and stretch my creative bone than take a stab at some photography. all it takes is a nice camera (thanks dad for letting me borrow your Nikkon D40) and some awesome foliage around the house (thanks mom for planting some cool flowers) and voila! we have what i loving like to call "ring porn" 

so for your viewing  pleasure, i present my ring:

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