Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Ring Things

So there is something you should know about me and Mr. Coastie, when we are bored we just decide to randomly do things, spontaneous random out of my checklist order things, but hey it works for us. As you remember we registered pretty much on a whim, we hadn't planned to register that day but we did and it was great and it worked. Well, Yesterday sitting on the couch watching my beloved SVU marathon this is how the conversation went:
Me: Im bored
Mr. Coastie: Lets go do something
Me: okay what?
Mr. Coastie: whatever you want
Me: we could go to the beach?
Mr. Coastie: um no
Me: we could go look at wedding rings
Mr. Coastie: okay
Me: wait, really?
Mr. Coastie: Ya sure
Me: REALLY!? (with tons of excitement)
Mr. Coastie: Ya lets go.

And we were off. Even though we probably wont be buying our rings until about Christmas time(aiming for the time when there is alot of sales going on) I never turn down an opportunity to look at shiny things. When we got to the mall for our jewelry store hopping adventure we both had sort of an idea of what we wanted. I want just a simple band with channel set round diamonds and Mr. Coastie wanted wanted a nice tungsten ring with a Black carbon fiber band, simple enough, rough and cool looking. Well as we started our searched much to our surprise we found out that tungsten really isn't the way to go. All stores we went to actually recommended gold. the reason? Well Gold can be resized and tungsten, Titanium and stainless steel cant, Gold can also be buffed and polished if it gets scratched, the others? not so much, While tungsten is scratch resistant it turns out its very brittle and you can break that sucker right off your finger (not so good). If something happens and your ring needs to be cut off your finger in an emergency gold can be cut, tungsten can be broken but titanium? your going to get your finger cut off before the ring is cut off. And the big selling point for gold for me was really that gold can be engraved and I'm centimental, i want to engrave Mr. Coastie's wedding band. So now armed with new knowledge about metals I feel much better about choosing our wedding bands in the future and now we pretty much have them picked out. This is what we've go out eyes on:

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