Saturday, April 24, 2010

So can i keep this scanner thingy?

Whats the best part about any party? well the gifts of course! and the best thing about wedding gifts? you get to pick them yourself! The whole registering process is something that both Mr. Coastie and I have been excited about, even before we got engaged we'd wander through stores and find things we would register for. The big question for me was when do we actaully do this whole register thing? I searched etiquette books, the internet and asked people and couldnt find a definitive answer, some places said you should register right away some places say not till 9 months out from the wedding and some say not till 6 months out. So naturally without someone telling me exactly when i was confused. So the other day with nothing to do Mr. Coastie and I decided to go to Bed Bath and Beyond one of the places we knew we wanted to register and just sort of look around and talk to the consultants. After a 30 minute conversation with the head honcho of the Pensacola BB&B and hearing this whole process would take about 5 hours and that the registry doesnt expire for 2 years so even though we wont be tying the knot till next summer she suggested we go ahead and do it. After considering the amount of time it takes and the fact that once i go to school Mr. Coastie and I's time together will be reduced to about one weekend a month finding a time to do this later might be kind of difficult and even stressful. So with nothing else to do we went for it!

Bed Bath and Beyond is marvelous, they give you a bridal consultant that walks through the entire store with you and makes sure you get everything you need, explains features of different things and etc. our lady, Shira was wonderful. She was the wife of a navy man so she could relate to our situation and we made jokes with her and laughed the whole time. Mr. Coastie got to hold the infamous scanner gun. I think he wanted to take it home.
Shira kept saying that she wanted to video tape him and use his scanner efficiency as a "how to" for other grooms who apparently have a hard time figuring it out.

We of course registered for everything from fine china and crystal (at $70.00 a glass i doubt we'll be getting much of that) to the little corn on the cob holders (hey these are a must in any household). There were a few quarky things that were near and dear to each of us. I for instance headed strait towards the automatic corkscrew, a friend of mine has this lovely little sharper image tool and I just HAVE to have one. Mr. Coastie had more lofty pursuits and headed for the Kitchenaid Mixers and even made a special order for one in "Willow Blue" I personally found this entertaining, I guess he wants to make some cakes? except he doesn't even like cake....

I highly recommend Bed Bath and Beyond, not only are the consultants awesome but the online help you get (they also give you a budgeter, website, seating chart etc that you can use if you don't already have one) is wonderful too. Also they give you enough "registry cards" to put in bridal shower/engagement party/save the date cards/invitations and even give you pre printed labels with your name and registry number to put on them! so easy! So many goodies
Im glad to say the registry experience was just as fun as we'd thought it would be. Those 5 hours go by super fast and its fun to pick out things for your soon to be wedded life and watching Mr. Coastie get so giddy with the scan gun was an added bonus. We still are going to register at one more place possibly JC Penny for bedding and some other stuff that changes seasonally, so that wont be for another 6 months or so but its nice to have this big task out of the way and one less thing on our plate. And did i mention how fun it was?

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