Friday, January 14, 2011

"you write that about a hamburger but you got our vows off the internet?"

As soon as Mr.Coastie and I started talking about our wedding and what we wanted one of the few things I knew for sure was that I wanted us to write our own vows. To me exchanging of the vows is one of the most important parts of the wedding, Its the time when we get a chance to say how we feel and commit to each other in our own way. I wanted the words that we say to be our own, I wanted them to be special and unique. So I somehow convinced Mr. Coastie to go along with this ( i secretly think he is excited about it). Ive been writing and rewriting drafts for the last few months and couldn't seem to get them just right. Finally, Last night I wrote the first complete draft of my vows. I'm pretty excited about them. I almost cried when I was reading them back to myself (but mostly just because I'm a sucker for weddings and cry way to easily at just about anything)

Im definitely not going to share them here, you'll have to wait till the big day to hear them. but alot of my heart went into a few lines. As for Mr. Coastie's vows, im both excited and slightly scared, everytime I as him about them he says " i just need to make them funnier..." ha. should be interesting!

P.S. i tried to get a very funny clip of the How I Met Your Mother episode the title quote is from but youtube has let me down.

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  1. ummm jealous! im getting married next month and i have not started on my vows!! ack!