Monday, January 10, 2011

A Day in the Life

just for fun here's a list of what I learned today:

1. The plural for Iris is Iridies
2. Syphilis makes pupils "like a prostitiute, they always accomodate and never react" (thanks Dr. Heibel)
3. Queen Ann had ugly eye brows
4. Horse Whisperer is a profession not a symptom
5.  The Sea Horse Puzzle in student affairs is REALLY hard to put together
6. 3 cups of Coffee is not a suitable substitute for breakfast and lunch
7. Balancing a suitcase full of books, a mug, a white coat and moes in heels is a bad idea
8. Pandora is the best method for drowning out the Pharm students incessant chattering
9. Melatonin is my best friend

I'd say it was a pretty productive day. Welcome to semester 2 of OMSI. T minus 4 months until its over.

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