Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Save our Date!

Our Save the Dates are officially ordered! Im very excited about them it took me excruciating amount of time to decide what pictures and what order I wanted on them but I'm very pleased with the outcome and I hope our friends and family will love them as well!

the most exciting part? they were super cheap! I was considering going through vistaprint which has great deals but decided to look at Shutterfly just to compare this morning because I had a random 20 dollar off coupon (here comes the back story: ) Last weekend I took Doctor Bridesmaid over to Tampa to try on and order her bridesmaid dress. When we got into David's Bridal it was a MAD house, literally it looked like those rack sales in new york where people throw bows to buy designer dresses for $4. I instantly assumed there was some sort of event going on so I asked the guy at the front "oh whats going on is there a sale or something?" he chuckled and looked at me like I was an idiot and replied " um, its Saturday?" Apparently the Tampa David's Bridal (which is an hour away from me) is the only one within about an hour on either side of Tampa as well as serving the entire Tampa area, so needless to say It gets crowded on Saturday.  In anycase we went about our busniess and I happened to pick up a little coupon bag that had this shutterfly coupon for 20$ off an order of 20$ or more. so I snagged it.

back to the point. I opened up shutterfly and they happen to be having a one day sale whereall photocards are 20% off ( score) and then they are having a one week promotion where you get free shipping on orders over 40$ (score again) and then I had my David's Bridal coupon (triple score). So the Grand total of our Save the Dates (all 125 of them, including shipping)?
drum roll please

I was amazed, and happy and excited and feel like ive done my bargain hunting for the day!
My advice to anyone ordering anything in bulk like this is just wait around and keep checking between emails and one day promotions on websites you can really score a great deal! I may have missed my morning workout to get these STDs ordered but it was worth it!


  1. They've already been shipped so hopefully ill have them in the mail by the end of next week :)