Monday, June 28, 2010

a quick update

Hello, Hello. Just wanted to pop in and give a quick update on things. The big move to SoFla to start medical school is one week from today (eek!) all my furniture and everything I own with exception to my matress which is sweetly sitting on the floor in my bedroom at my parent's house and a few suitcases are packed and in the garage. Monday its up to me and Mr. Coastie to load it all into a U-Haul and and head down south. Wedding planning is going to be put on a bit of a hold for about a month ago while i get settled in and get my head on straight.

In other news, mommy bridesmaid and wolverine groomsman welcomed their baby girl into the world this past week. So Congrats to them, she is certainly very precious in all her photos! 

In wedding news this week I'm having a meeting with my ring bearer/jr bridesmaid's mom/faux wedding planner to write out an entire calendar for the next year with precise dates and timelines for everything. you know I love my organization! ha ha its nice to have people around who want to help out especially since at the moment none of my bridesmaids are in tallahassee! she doesnt know it yet but MOH seminole is going to become really good friends with my calendar and my planner ( ha ha I love you!). One of my mothers friends has decided to throw me a "bridal tea" not exactly sure what that is but apparently its a very upper class affair and its going to be on daddy's farm (aka a plantation in GA, apparently this is a southern tradition i know nothing about) and this is already in the works even though it wont be till April. The wedding still seems far away but I know this next year is going to fly by!

This weekend Mr. Coastie and I volunteered to be guinea pigs for a friend of ours Lauren Brown photography . She is getting into photography and does an awesome job at it we offered to let her do a little photoshoot with us.Aside from being a million degrees outside it was super fun and im excited to see all the results! Im a girl who LOVES pictures so I jumped at the chance and the sneak peaks look great! check out her blog and see some of her work (shameless plug for my friend ha ha)!

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