Thursday, July 15, 2010

change of scenery

Welp the big move is officially over. Over the lat week Mr. Coastie and I have had a grand tour of Florida from Tampa to Daytona to Tallahassee to Pensacola and Im finally settled in to my home for the next few years. I spent 3 hours hanging curtains this morning, yes three hours, this is what happens when your fiance lives 7 hours away. im forced to do these thing alone and I have no idea what im doing!

My official first day of medical school is one week from tomorrow (eek!) Im  excited, and scared to say the least. This week and next Im spending learning the area and meeting people, its been fun so far. Im happy to be here and excited for everything but very sad to be away from Mr. Coastie. our countdown to when we see each other again is 4 weeks. it seems forever away right now.

most wedding planning has sort of been put on a hold for a couple weeks due to the move and the school starting thing, I need to get back into it soon. BUT remember my post about Lauren Brown photography she has sent me 2 cds with about 200 pictures from that day on it ( shes also posted a couple on her blog so go check em out!) anyways this was fun to get in my mailbox

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