Friday, June 18, 2010

"Every place I go, I'll think of you Every song I sing, I'll sing for you..."

"And when I come back I'll wear your wedding ring"

17 days is all that stands between me and the return of the long distance relationship. In just over two weeks I'll be headed down to South Florida to start Medical School. Mr. Coastie will be staying in NW Florida and our wedding will be staying in Tallahassee. Thus I find myself back in a long distance relationship with my fiance and in a brand new long distance relationship with my wedding.

Have I mentioned that Im sad? cause Im sad. The last five months have been a blessing. With Mr. Coastie only 3 hours away We've been able to see each other every week which is almost like a normal couple and really has been a Godsend. When I move for school we'll head into a (hopefully) once a month routine. This is much better than every six weeks which is how we started our relationship and 7 hours is far better than 20 hours. I know all this. But still I'm very sad.  I know in a couple of years it won't matter and all of our time spent apart is really just part of our relationship and ultimately makes us stronger. We're good at being a long distance couple, we've got it down to an art, heck we're spending the first year of our marriage apart and while many people think that's crazy, it doesn't strike me as insane or stupid, its just how it is, no big deal. One year out of lifetime seems like nothing to me. It's hard being an adult, it's hard dealing with the not so good stuff to get to the good stuff. I look at it this way, I'm a lucky lucky girl, I'm about to start the journey of my academic/professional career that I've wanted since I was five and I'm less than a year away from marrying the man I love more than anything, what more could a girl ask for? Even though there is 600 miles between the two things I want most in the world I'm blessed enough to have them both.  I guess like Coldplay said "nobody said it was easy"

The next couple of weeks weeks will undoubtedly be crazy, busy, and frantic. getting the last bits of things taken care of for my move and putting myself back into a routine i was in 6 months ago is going to be an interesting transition. Throw in this scary thing called medical school and a little wedding planning and you have the making for a chicken with her head cut off. The last few months have been easy and a cake walk and I've got to just enjoy being engaged and enjoy slowly bringing things together and thinking about whats to come, from here on out its go time. I'm excited and scared and nervous (and all kinds of other crazy feelings) about the year to come, I'm ready to tackle the challenges, overcome the obstacles and enjoy every second that I have.

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