Friday, June 25, 2010

Be our Guest (and sign our guest book!)

When I think about guestbooks at weddings I think about some cousin of the bride standing there watching the line of people sign their names with a pen that took the bride and groom 2 weeks to pick out. I guess I never really "got" guest books, I mean I already know who is here do I really need your names written down all in one place? apparently so.

Lately there is a trend of doing "alternative guest books" as opposed to the traditional just sign your name ordeal. I must admit these things have really brought me around to this whole guest book thing. As I was doing my perusing on weddingbee I came across Miss Eggplant's alternative guestbook post with these:

These are actually from the you can buy them online to save some time. Naturally I saw these and fell in love, I had this image of Mr. Coastie and I sitting down after the wedding and reading everyone's cards seeing what funny, sweet and inspiring things they wrote to us. It seems way more personal and not to mention more fun than the traditional sign your name book dont ya think?

Obviously I decided not to buy these, its sort of an expense that I can cut by making them myself, after all I know my way around Microsoft word pretty well. So after much fighting with autoformatting and fonts and lines I made a mock up of our cards and here they are:
back ( for some reason this kept uploading sideways and i didnt feel like messing with it so just turn your head)

anywho, I think they turned out pretty well, I'm printing them on cardstock, they will be place on a table with crayons for people to use to fill them out and after the wedding we'll have them bound into a book!


  1. Rachel,
    The crayon idea is cute but it may write too big for the small space. You might want to change to ink pen. I love the idea! Much more interesting and useful than the traditional "signin" book!

  2. True! my parents mentioned that i need to change the font because they think it'll be a little hard to read for some of the older guests... so, im tweaking that and going with colored ink pens or markers will def be better than crayons!

  3. Love your mock-ups! Very cool and quirky!

    I am going to try to create my own Guest Book with bespoke pages too (with some photos of us over the years), hope that they turn out as good as these x