Friday, June 18, 2010

The Veil Project

A while back when I first started think about veil's I decided I was definitely not big on them. Some girls pull them off great, some girls are dieing to have that elegant blusher and cathedral and me, well I sort of think they are a nuisance. I mean you wear them for the ceremony and then you take it off so really whats the point? However I decided based on tradition I wouldn't totally discount the veil as part of my wedding day attire.

Then as I was at the Bridal shop looking for my wedding gown of course with every dress you put on the add a veil so you can get the  "full effect" and I began to come around to the idea a little more. Then I looked at the price tag, 175 bucks for a simple no embellishment veil. I almost choked. really? I mean that seams like quite alot for some tulle right? not exactly a price I factored into my budget. So I started looking around the internet and found tons of tutorials and advice about how easy veils are to make. I figured "hey i can do this" so for a total of $20.16 and about 6 hours of my time I made my own veil.

I knew i wanted something simple and something with lace, just a one tier veil that will go under my hairdo for the ceremony and be removed for the reception, after all I already have a flower for my hair so I don't want to over do it. I took a trip to Jo-Ann Fabrics and picked up some bridal white soft tulle (that happened to be on sale for .79c a yard) I only needed about 1 yard for a waist length veil but I got 2 yards just in case. Then I spent an hour and half staring at all the lace and lace trim in the store before I settled one. Then I made sure I had a sewing kit and white thread and some plastic hair combs and I headed off to get to work.

First I laid out the tool and used coffee cups ( worked, well for weights) to cut the tool in half and then in a slight circle shape on the bottom end.

Next I laid out the lace trim and pinned it to the bottom, I ended up deciding I didnt want quite a curve and preferred a straighter edge so I sort of improvised with my pinning. I the hand sewed along the top and bottom edges of the trim Lace onto 3 sides of the tulle, this took forever, i took care to match up the tool and the lace and follow along the lines of the lace with my stitches so that they weren't obvious when you looked at it.

After the bottom and two longer sides of the tulle were decked with lace trim it was time to gather and attach the veil to the hair comb. To make this easy I folded the veil in a fan style making sure the two trimmed edges were facing out and ran a need and thread through it. Then I held the thread and pulled on the tulle so that the top edge gathered evenly and nicely.

Then I simply sewed the top gathere edge to the hair comb and trimmed off the excess, However I didnt like the look of the cut so I used extra lace to wrap around the edge of the hair combso it looks pretty when its in my hair.

And that's that, the veil is complete, I have a few pictures of the final product but they don't really show what the veil actually looks like, aka its much better in person, but you can get the idea.

It took a little longer than expected but the sewing was sort of a tedious daunting task, im happy with the results though and im super excited I decided to make my veil rather than buy it, aside from the monetary gains ( a great way to save a couple hundred bucks) It feels more special cause I made it myself.

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