Friday, June 18, 2010

Sugar and Spice and Everything Nice

One of my favorite part of weddings is without a doubt also the cutest part. I love the little ones. The flower girls and ring bearers always steal my heart so naturally I am very excited about having my little attendants awe the crowd with their adorableness. As I mentioned before Mr. Coastie and I have an enormous wedding party (16 of our closest friends) and the little ones compose 1/4 of the party. We've got four of them, two ring bearers, a flower girl and a junior bridesmaid.  Today the lovely readers out in blog world get to meet the little ladies that are going to look so cute they may even show up the bride!

To begin with is our flower girl Ms. Kimberly Rose. Kimmie is my youngest cousin on my mother's side she will be 5 years old next summer at the wedding, She is really one of the cutest children I've ever seen, although I may be biased.
(sorry about the bad picture, its all I could find laying around!)

The other little darling in the wedding is our Junior Bridesmaid, I really wanted to include her and her brother since I have known them since birth and babysat them and have been close with their parents since i was her age. so I asked Little Ms. Sassy to be our Junior Bridesmaid and her brother to be one of the ring bearers. Their mom is also going to be helping me out tremendously in the planning process. She just turned 9 and will be turning ten just before the wedding. 
(lets ignore the terrible picture of myself here, but she is adorable)

So those are 1/2 of the little ones that will be accompanying us down the aisle, we've only got two more members of our gigantic wedding party to introduce! we're almost there folks!

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