Friday, May 27, 2011

We're Licensed!

On Monday Mr. Coastie and I went down to the court house to get our marraige license. We didnt exactly know what to expect but we went on our way with our premarital counseling cirtificate ( because its a coup! only 60$ instead of 90). We got to the first building and walked inside all excited when the we couldn't even get past security because she knew right away we were in the wrong place. she sent us down the road to a different building.

we get down the road and head into the new building and straight to the line that says "marriage and civil ceremonies" conveniently located next to the  "felony" line.

we get our application and our family law handbooks. to which Mr Coastie immediately says "im not reading that" and I reply " I'm going to at least pretend to read it, she is staring right at us!" 

So we proceed to fill out our application for a marraige license and while I'm thinking this is such a romantic moment we are sharing! Mr. Coastie is, well, texting.... yeah thanks for that one.

as we are filling out the application I get to the part where it says "is this your first marraige" 
I read " have you ever been married before" same question essentiall but very different answers.

I accidentally wrote "no" to the actual question implying I had been married before, I had to cross the whole thing out with pin fix it and then tried to make a joke to the lady at the window, she was not amused.  oops
never the less we finish our app and finish pretending to read the family handbook and go back to window where we get offered a fancy marraige certificate for just 5 dollars that has no legal value and is basically a souvineer, I decline, Mr Coastie, well he contemplated, but the pretended he didn't want the flowery piece of paper, but we all know he secretely did. 

We move onto the cashier and then the final "look over" of our certificate. The lady at the window ( who is not happy with her life apparently" hands it to us and tells us where to sign, Mr. Coastie picks up the pen and is about to write when she screams at him not to sign yet. We had to take an oath, right hand in the air and all swearing all our information was true and then we were signing and we were out the door! I
It was a pretty funny experience and now we've got our license!

 "pretending" to read the handbook

All done!

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