Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Student Doctor Activities

Aside from the wedding I've been pretty wrapped up in school and extracurricular activities. I have had some really great opportunities to work in the community and around Bradenton. I am currently the new president of the Pediatrics Club at LECOM and have been getting involved in our local FOMA chapter. 

Recently I got a chance to attend Osteopathic Medicine day in Tallahassee with FOMA . It was a really great pourtunity to get involved in the politics and represent our field in things that we as future physicians need to be mindful about
 The group from NOVA and LECOM with Gov. Rick Scott
 Chatting with some Docs at the Cocktail hour at the University club
 In the rotunda of the capital
 With speaker of the House Dean Cannon
 waiting for Dean Cannon...
 our group at the Cocktail hour

 At breakfast on the top floor of the Capital
 House Chambers

looking into the rotunda at a press conference

I also recently participate in a heath fair at one of the local high schools teaching Kids some importnat health facts.
 The ACOFP group
 Pediatric group (left) and Emergency medicine (right)
 The board I made for the fair
Me and My VP showing our activity with glitter and germ ex

Next year will be full of volunteer activites trying to get alot more things in before I go off to rotations, as for the summer I'm hoping to shadow a neurologist at Sacred Heart in Pensacola.

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