Tuesday, May 17, 2011

A Hairy situation

I thought the wedding day hair would be the eaxiest thing to arrange, I call make appointments, bring a picture and viola! done!

My wedding day hair experience turned out to initially be one of the most stressfull things. My Mom's salon had offered to take on the task of doing the bridal and bridal party hair months ago. When the time came to make the appointments the hairdresser who does my mothers hair said she would take care of it. She then proceeded to say that she was going to do all 7/8 hair styles on her own with no help. think again my friend. Obviously I dont want hair done over 6 hours, that's the reason to all go together is so that you can ALL GO TOGETHER. She then said she would get a friend to help. okay so still 2 people for 8 hairstyles isnt enough. she then proceeded to tell me her friend isnt even licensed yet and that she was going to charge a base rate of 65$

First of all If I wanted my or my bridesmaids hair done by a non professional I would have had some girl down the street do it. secondly, 65$ base rate is too much. 3rdly 2 people isnt enough.

This hairdresser continued to insist she would take care of nd she'd work with us and it would work out. I finally got fed up and decided to take matters into my own hands and changed salons to one that could accomadate us all at the same and take care of our needs. let me tell you this is the BEST decision ever.  If I learned anything from thid experience it is that when it comes to wedding planning if vendors aren't giving you what you want and aren't willing to work with you then you need to move on sooner rather than later. This fiasco took 4 months to sort out and was way to much stress.

I had my first hair trial at the new salon and was beyond happy! My head is even on their facebook webpage under the  "formal up do" tab because they loved the style so much. This is the back view

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