Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Im Back!

Firs of all, I'll go ahead and admit it, I'm a bad blogger.

Things have gotten Crazy lately between finals and the wedding just over 3 weeks away!! I can't believe its so close I feel like I started this adventure so long ago and here I am about to be done with my first year of medical school and 3 weeks away from getting married, Its all so surreal.

I'm sitting in my mostly packed apartment thinking about how I'll be 1/4 of a doctor in just 4 days. Last July I thought I may never make it through this year without going crazy and now I feel like a pro. I've worked hard and manage to secure a place in the top ten of my medical school class which I couldn't be more proud of. I' definitely in need of this upcoming break and ready to move onto year two!

My mother has been a Godsend when it comes to wedding stuff. She is basically taking care of EVERYTHING. I give her ideas and she makes them happen. I never could have gotten everything done this year without her, I am absolutely so lucky she was willing and excited to help with everything. I know she is ready for the big day too, she's been working so hard to make it perfect for Mr. Coastie and I and I just know it will be.

As updates are concerned everything seems to be coming together, we go to get our marriage license on Monday, we have final meetings with our DJ and photographer coming up and the RSVPs are rolling in! There is still more than enough things I need to do once school is over, programs and favors and all the little work that needs to be done will get done in that time so I'm expecting a few long days of glueing and ribbon tieing but it will get done one way or the other. 

I don't have the space or time to update everything that happened in the last few months so I'll leave you with a promise to be a better blogger (especially this summer when I have nothing to do!)

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