Tuesday, December 28, 2010

I may be getting married in June but I'm Certainly no June...

Im no June Cleaver, that is

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I am a terrible cook. I'm okay with this this fact. really I am. I'm al a fast learner and have been ever so slowly trying my hand at this mystery wizardry called cooking.My first adventure as you all know from previous posts was Christmas Dinner. Except for a few tears and some burnt Crescent rolls I would say the dinner was successful. Mr. Coastie said he liked the burnt rolls (yeah right) but at least he was a good sport. The rest of the dinner aside being quite beige (not much color, Tom Colicchio would certainly have Padma telling me to pack my knives and leave for the lack of color and plating creativity) was delish if I d say so myself. and Mr. Coastie got totake a bucn of left overs on duty for the remainder of the week. And if he was just being nice and didnt actually like my dinner, ill never know and at least it looked pretty:

The remainder of Christmas was great, we went to the Movies to see Chronicles of Narnia and drove t check out some Christmas lights. Im loving this mini vacay from the life of a Med student! We're having Christmas number 2 with my parents in a few days when Mr. Coastie gets off duty and then we're both off to the Capital One Bowl for NYE and to see Michigan State vs Alabama (my parents Christmas gift to us) Its Mr. Coastie's first bowl game so it should be fun and we get to spend NYE in Orlando with one of my Bridesmaids and her boyfriend!

Hope everyone had a fabulous Christmas and Ill leave you with some pictures of our little Christmas morning

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  1. You will get used to cooking. I never used to cook, but when I have time now I would say I am pretty good. Enjoy the bowl game. Isaac is jealous