Friday, December 17, 2010

Its Beginning to look alot like Christmas!

One week until Christmas Eve! I love this time of year, its absolutely my favorite, I love the weather and the fun and the parties and the food  and new years and remembering what its all about (giving myself a spiritual check up, Christmas is a good time to make sure youre on the right path when it comes to God).

This Christmas is going to be a VERY different one.  Mr. Coastie is unfortunately on duty Chrismas eve and Christmas Day and can't leave town. Thus it will be our first Christmas just the two of us. Im (well WE're) going to attempt to cook a big Christmas dinner for ourselves and everything! For those of you who know me you know what a scary thought this is. I imagine there will be lots of phone calls made to Momma Doctor and Momma Coastie by the end of the night. whats on the menu you ask? Well I figured we just cook a chicken since there is only two of us no need for turkey, plus its SUPER easy to do a whole chicken (ive actually done it before!) so we'll do a whole chicken stuffed with some veggies like onions and carrots garlic, of course were going to do mashed potatoes, Im not attempting gravy, my mom is making me some that ill reheat. after all it IS our first time, you think i can handle gravy? I dont! were also doing stuffing and I want to make green bean casserole as well. So if anyone has any good easy recipes/ suggestions for me let me know!

Last week when we were home we decorated my families Christmas Tree and It was really nice to have Mr. Coastie be a part of it this year, it was a fun little moment! Momma Doctor even bought us our first ornament for our own tree
So yesterday when I got to Mr. Coastie's (after an agonizing 8 hour drive post 4 hour exam) I arrived to an adorable little tree decorated with gator ornaments (good choice Coastie, good choice)  so we put up our stockings and added our new ornament (above) and the ones we bought at Brunner's Christmas Wonderland (world's largest Christmas store, its in Frankenmeuth, It was on the travel channel and its AWESOME) last year. and voila we have our very own (Charlie brown-esque) Christmas Tree and our stockings (hand made by Mr. Coastie's mom) hung by the fireplace :)

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