Wednesday, February 09, 2011

with this ring...

Buying our wedding bands has been something both Mr. Coastie and I have been looking forward to for quite sometime. we had planned to buy them around Valentine's day to catch some sales and save a few bucks. So as we started talking about our wedding bands my parents mentioned that they had their original wedding bands from nearly 30 years ago and that we could have them. Since I wanted a white gold band I decided that it would be really neat to take their bands and have them melted down and made into a band for me. As for Cole's band he wanted a tungsten ring based on their durability and look. So we headed off to the jewler and then to the mall to hit up Kay, Zales etc. for Cole's band.  after some price shopping and a long decision process cole ended up with this: 

 and my band is to be seen, its in the process of being made.
  so wedding bands are officially ordered !

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