Monday, November 29, 2010

long breaks are always too short

Welp, here we are on the flip side of a "long break" funny how my entire week off seemed like just a day off. regardless of how short it may have seemed thanksgiving was still a much needed rest. I've got 3 weeks straight of finals and then I will have officially made it through my first semester of medical school. crazy. I remember back in august when I felt like this semester would never end, when I was scared and confused and overwhelmed at the idea of being in medical school. and now? I'm in a groove. Ive figured out how this all works and am settled into a routine and a way of life that is incredibly difficult and taxing but I love it none the less. Some days all I wonder if I'm crazy for doing this but most days I know this is where I belong. The next three weeks will definitely be crazy I've got 3 exams a practical and an OSCE so lets cross our fingers i come through unscathed! and then its Christmas break! I've got lots on the agenda for the break as far as wedding planning goes. Bridesmaid dresses, tuxes, registry, booking hotel, several craft trips to michaels and making/addressing save the dates. so I'll definitely be busy!

over thanksgiving I had a meeting with a florist to discuss flowers and centerpieces etc. for the wedding. I should be getting a mock up/ proposal and quote in a week or so and will be deciding if I'll be using her. Most likely I'll end up making my own centerpieces to save money but i figured if she is doing our bouquets and bouts i might as well see what she comes up with for the centerpieces as well! as far as bouquets are concerned Im still looking at things like this:

I spent the rest f the break studying, bummer, i know. we had our thanksgiving dinner on friday so that Mr. Coastie could be in attendance since he was on duty on thanksgiving day. So even though it was a day late it was just as yummy!

Saturday we tried to go to the FSU/UF game but couldn't get tickets so we just spent some time tailgating with  Seminole MOH and Brother Groomsman which was tons of fun, until of course my gator boys lost. terribly. oh well you can't win em all!

And last but not least, just before break my roommate and I got our appartment into the christmas spirit, we decided that since we don't have a fireplace, we improvised and made one (reason number 400 the chalk board wall is amazing!)
note the flames (drawn by me) and the stockings (real) pinned to the mantle (fake, drawn by the roomie) oh and of course our immaculately decorated Christmas tree!

commence holiday season :)

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