Wednesday, November 17, 2010

We're complete!

as you all (may or may not) know I have introduced to you all but one of my bridal party members. up until now I had been saving one spot. I started a new phase in my life not long after I got engaged and I knew that I would most likely meet someone in this new place that I wanted to share my day with so I decided to save one bridesmaid spot.  I am happy to announce that the bridal party is officially complete!

I decided a few weeks ago who I wanted to ask to be a part of the wedding. She has become a very close friend and certainly the best friend that I have here in South Florida. With alot of people around me in this new setting turning out to be not the person i thought they were she has remained true and there for me through it all. we've suffered through exams and nights out and gossip and even emergency room visits together. So while we havent known each other for that long I feel very blessed to have her in my life and am very excited for her to be a part of Mr. Coastie and I's big day. 

so over an oh so fancy dinner at friendy's I popped the question: will you be my bridesmaid. and after some ridiculously loud screams that warrented funny looks from our waiter (who later congratulated me on my wedding and her on her "new position as a bridesmaid" ) she said yes. and of course she immediately went home and look up yellow heels and emailed me a list of websites.clearly shes going to be a great bridesmaid.

so without further ado I introduce to you Dr. Bridesmaid:

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