Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Not Laboring on Labor day (aka: a much needed break)

So here we are officially on the other side of labor day weekend. I guess that means were not allowed to wear white anymore right? This summer definitely flew by and I can believe its September already! This year is zooming past. And this Saturday marks the 9th months to go mark in the wedding countdown! we're in single digits, that's big time!

I was lucky enough to have Mr. Coastie down with me for 6 whole days over the last week, it was such a nice break and I loved having him here. My roommate also loved it seeing as he took out the trash and cleaned our kitchen while we were at school, not to mention they watched 5 episodes of Star wars over the last 3 days (mean while i studied cause Star wars doesnt really float my boat). In anycase we had a blast, he got to meet all my friends down here and we went to the beach and went to Myakka state park and stalked some awesome alligators and had a really amazing date night at a restaurant right on the ocean. It was such a good get away from the stress and hectic life that I've had over the last few days. here a few shots from the weekend.

Mr. Coastie Left this morning and I was incredibly sad as usual, but its time to get back to life after a great break. And awaiting for me when I arrived home from school was this baby:

In my opinion, nothing can cheer a girl up quite like her very first brand new stethoscope arriving in the mail. :)

And now its time to get back to the grind, ive got this many notecards to learn tonight:

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