Thursday, July 29, 2010

"If you're overwhelmed now, just wait"

hello all! i must apologize for my lack of posts lately,especilly wedding related posts, wedding planning has gone on the back burner quite a bit for the last week or so. Luckily mom and dad doctor are working hard at getting some things done for me while im up to my ears in trying to survive the first few weeks of medical school.

its thursday of our first week and im already exhausted and have been working my butt off every night. as tiring as it is i must admit that i love it. this is what ive been waiting for. This week has been only orientation (ew) and anatomy. anatomy has already hit us like a brick wall, full force. Today Ill meet my first cadaver, im pretty stoked. Next week we start clinical exam, PBL and OPP. which basically means we'll be in full swing. Im adjusting well so far, i dont have time to not adjust. Ive met some awesome people and im really glad that Ive been able to find a niche and some good friends so quickly, I need them and they need me, i guess were all sort of in the same boat here.

in wedding related news Mr. Coastie and I are trying to solidfy some honeymoon plans, we definitely know we're going to the Dominican Republic but we're trying to pick a place and a resort, so thats definitely fun getting to look at all these tropical destinations dreaming of being there instead of n a lecture hall is a nice little day dream.  Its definitely been hard being away from each other again but on the bright side Mr. Coastie recieved an award at his station and was given 3 days off that dont count towards his leave! so In the beginning of September he gets t come spend a week with me, ill be study probably 7/8 of the time hes here but im VERY excited!

Thats my update for now, i should probably get back to paying attention to orientation to clinical exam....

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