Tuesday, August 17, 2010

a little of this a little of that

first of all i just realized it was August 17th.  This means i just realized were are less than 10 months away from the big day, which also set me into a minor freak out mode. I feel behind on wedding planning, i have quite a bit of tunnel vision right now on School.

School is going awesome, im kicking some major butt in my anatomy class (which is the only thing we've had exams for and pretty much is running our lives). My best friends are cadavers and professors and books, which is sort of sad. we had our first test last monday and I did awesome, the class avg was an 84 and I came in well over that so im very happy that the hard work and lack of a life or anything besides anatomy in my brain has paid off. I had my first advisor meeting today ( we have to have them monthly) and it was really fun, He basically told me i was doing awesome and he wasnt worried about me at all and to keep on keepin on, so that was nice to hear one fof the professors say i was doing really too. We've got another exam this monday which has about the double the material and is worth double the percentage of our grades so ive definitely been focusing on that.

my blog may end up becoming "how to plan a wedding when you have no time to plan a wedding"  In any case, my parents have talked to a good friend of ours who will be doing the catering and we're going to get a great deal so thats really helpful budget wise. Ive set Mr. Coastie up to call our DJ this week and try to work out some deal with him and Im in talks with our photographer to get organized and get our Engagement pictures done in october. so things are moving along, i just feel like i havent focused on it wedding stuff and I'd love to but every moment of my time seems to be occupied, I guess this means i need to learn better time management!  anyways thats it for now, i promise i will have wedding updates in the near future!

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