Friday, March 04, 2011

99 days to go

I can't believe were already under 100 days until the wedding. Time has been flying by and I've barely noticed it! I must admit as stressful as it is its kind of nice having something like Medical school to distract me from the approaching wedding. It makes the time go so much faster and I'm less stressed about it than most rides I know. of course I say that now, talk to me at the end of may when we've got less than a month left and Im smack in the middle of finals, I'll probably be a nut case.

We picked up our wedding bands a few weeks ago and I wanted to share them. I'm in love with them. Ive been periodically just taking them out of their boxes and staring at them becuase I can't wait to put them on. I'm weird, yes , I know.  anyways here they are

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  1. p.s. his ring kinda looks like a bracelet next to yours!! lol